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All treatments are based around working on the fascia system which tools are required. But each treatment I use all my massage techniques creating a wonderfully integrative healing experience!

Fascia Blasting 30 Mins

Spot treatment for troubled and painful areas. 


Fascia Blasting 1Hr

Spot treatment for troubled and painful areas. 


Fascia Blasting

2 Hr

Full Body Treatment.


Blasting for Beauty!

Fascia blasting is also an amazing beauty treatment. It helps reduce cellulite, wrinkles, scars and subcutaneous fat. Along with cupping I will use Ashley Black's thermogenic oils and after blaster creams that are made specifically for fascia blasting! A perfect beauty treatment.

1 hr      $85.00

90 min   $125.00

2 Hr       $165.00

The ultimate Fascia Blasting Treatment w/ Hot and Cold Thearpy

This is EVERYTHING you need for the best and most effective treatment. First heating the body with hot stone and hot clay packs to get the tissue super malleable, fascia blasting w/ cupping and then ending with kryo packs/mats and cold stones. Truly the ultimate most effective treatment I offer. 


Fascia Blasting 45 Mins

Spot treatment for troubled and painful areas. 


Fascia Blasting 90 min

Full body or spot treatment. 90 minutes is enough time to brush through the entire body or spend more time working out specific areas that need more attention. 


Fascia Cupping

Add Cupping to any treatment. It will bring more blood flow to the area and hydrates the fascia for a more effective and long lasting effects. 

Spot Treatment $5

Half Back $10

Full Back$15 

Pain be Gone!

When we are in pain all we want is to have to relief. This is a quick acting treatment combing fascia blasting, cupping and CBD oil. 

1 hr       $85.00

90min    $125.00

2 Hr       $165.00

Add On Items

Want to personalize your treatment just let me know what you would like to add on to any treatment!

(One add on per session.)

Ashley Black Oil $5

Ashley Black After Cream $5

Aromatherapy (essential oils) $5

CBD Oil $5

What My Clients Say

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